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about our logo

This new, colorful logo, created by Seneca artist Derise Waterman, represents Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h’s organizational brand.


The hills depicted in the background represent the Seneca people.  In our language we refer to ourselves as ‘People of the Great Hills.’

The young ones sitting with an Elder will be our starting point because their minds are at the best stage for language learning.

The Elder advises the youth, “Learning is lifelong, it is never-ending” and she is doing her part by teaching others with the hope that one day they will do the same.

The group sitting in a circle represents our vision that they will become like family, help each other learn, and that one day, they will use our language as their first.

The fire represents our commitment as a people to protect it and keep it burning bright for the children and their children; the fire can never go out.

The Circle that encompasses the entire logo represents all that we are as a people and is a reminder to live our lives using our language and perpetuating our lifeways.

We hope that you find this helpful. Nya:wëh 

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