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Faithkeepers School Partnership

The FKS Montessori Seneca Language Nest has a mission of fostering independent, confident, and socially responsible citizens who are exposed to the traditional teachings of Gaiwi:yo:h and the traditions of the Seneca people. The FKS is committed to fostering a child's love of learning and respect for self, others, and the environment through the methodologies of Montessori.
Montessori School

The students at FKS are provided a carefully designed learning environment in which they can explore & learn according to their natural inclinations.

Specialized Study
Specialized Study

The classrooms provide specialized areas for study in the following subjects: Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language (including a Seneca language area & Sound Chart), Geography, Botany/Zoology.

Field Trips
Field Trips

Monthly field trips provide new outlets for exploration.

View the school website to see updates on some of our recent trips!

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