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Why FKS? (Faith Keepers School)

Why FKS? (Faith Keepers School)

July 16 2021 SNI Newsletter Issue

By Keely Watt Before my daughter was even born I knew that when she was of age she would attend Faith Keepers School. Why did I make this premature decision?

FKS is a school where she will have the opportunity to learn about who she is and learn along side other Native American Children. Our culture and our language is what makes us who we are. The school teaches our children that our culture, language and our ways ARE beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. Especially in light of the #EveryChildMatters movement, which addresses the tragedies at the residential schools, this effort has only been strengthened. FKS creates an environment where the children are excited to dive in to our language and become comfortable with singing, dancing and learning our ceremonial cycle. All of the things that are so important but yet are in dying need of nourishment. The school uses Montessori methods to teach kids which is a very hands on way to learn. The teachers have expressed that this method works very well with the kids and also with our culture. The Faith Keeper School is located in a non-typical school area, it’s not right in the city where you can drop your child off on your way to work, it’s remote. It’s in an area where the employees and kids can focus and are able to care for animals, learn about agriculture and connect with mother nature.

I am very aware of how important all of these things are thanks to my grandmother. I want to instill the same knowledge, passion and acceptance in my daughter that my grandmother did in me when it came to being Native American. FKS is a school where the teachers and employees all have the ability to enhance these teachings that I want to pass on to my daughter. Everyone from the teacher, to the cooks and the bus driver/monitor, they are all role models to these children. It’s a way of life down there.

I am eager to send my daughter to FKS because I believe in their goals to make our children comfortable and PROUD to be who they are.

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