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Our primary mission is to work with existing language programs and other interested parties to produce more Seneca speakers with fluency being our end goal.

  1. Our mission is to work with our existing language programs and other interested parties, to produce fluent Onöndowa'ga:' speakers.

  2. We stand on principle and won’t back down. Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h will never yield in OUR RESPONSIBILITY to assist in making our Seneca Nation a stronger sovereign.

  3. We will keep working until we win; we are determined and committed to our goals and the future of all children of the 7th generation.

  4. We are of ONE MIND – we are ögwe’ö:weh – the real people. We want our language to thrive. Let’s put our GOOD MINDS together.

  5. Our language is central to our true identity. There is a growing resurgence of pride today throughout Indian Country for a stronger identity and a stronger self - Let’s be a leader.

  6. We will create with everyone’s help, an overall community wide, Nationwide – DESIRE, BELIEF, AND EXPECTANCY – that we can and will be successful in our combined, focused effort in this MUST DO endeavor.

  7. We already have an ever-growing list of energetic volunteers from our communities that have joined us in this grassroots effort, but we’ll need your help too.

  8. A Seneca people infused with great enthusiasm is capable of anything. WE CAN DO THIS!

  9. We already have a lot to be proud of but they haven’t seen anything yet! Let’s all pull together.

  10. The 7th Generation, our ancestors, and our spiritual wellbeing will be doing the happy dance.

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