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SNI Newsletter September 2020

Nya:wëh sgënö swagwe:goh,

It has been too long since our last installment in our Nation newsletter; thought we should provide the community with an update.

As a non-profit it is our responsibility to share with the public our organizational activity and how revenues are utilized:

Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h has funded, sponsored, or been a part of the following:

· Established the Nearly New Boutique. Our current plans include increasing our days of operation to five days a week, offering new merchandise, adding more Native American items; (we want to provide an outlet for our local crafters to sell to a broader audience). If interested in volunteering, please call Darlene Miller at 716-378-9818 or Flip White at 716-244-0431

o From everyone in the Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h organization we want to express our appreciation for everyone’s ongoing support. Our revenue generator, Nearly New, continues a positive growth trend and that is simply due to our loyal and ever-growing customer base. Nya:wëh

· Awarded a $7,000 Seventh Generation start-up grant

o Sponsored an in-home immersion pilot project

· Sponsored Montessori Certification Scholarships, $11,200

· Co-sponsored a Six week Immersion Hybrid class, $1,200

· Sponsored Professional Development (Training) Scholarships; $1,200

· Sponsored the Iroquois Dance Theater presentation of Skywoman, The Iroquois Creation Story, $900

· Partnered with M & T Bank and sponsored a Meat Raffle, raised $5,600

· Awarded a $25,000 grant portion from the Seneca Nation and the Robert Woods Foundation. These funds were used to:

o Construct a Pole Barn for equipment storage at Ganöhsesge:kha He:nödeyë:stha

o Utility & electric upgrades were installed to the High Tunnel Garden project for year round use capability

· Awarded a $11,845 grant from Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Foundation

o $5,000: Purchase of construction materials for a Sugar Shack

o $3,000: Purchase of Natural Playground materials

o $2,850: Purchased Cultural & Montessori specific classroom materials

· Sponsored a School Supplies Drive in partnership with Cattaraugus County Bank, $450

· Printing of a Pocket Pal which focuses on the Gano:nyogk (still in the works), projected $1,200 cost

· Printing of Seneca Storybook, Wa:dige:odë, They Told Stories, $250

o Copies of this book are available at Nearly New

· Submitted an Esther Martinez Initiative (ANA) 5 year grant proposal, currently waiting for a final decision. The objectives of this proposal are: By 2025 the Faithkeeper School with assistance by Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h, will complete the following:

o Objective One: The Faithkeeper School will have two additional teachers certified in Montessori Elementary I/II to accommodate students 6-12 years old.

o Objective Two: The Faithkeeper School Staff will increase their language proficiency in order to increase classroom language use by 40% on top of their current usage percentage.

o Objective Three: 40 new innovative language resources will be developed to assist students, parents, and the community at large with their language learning.

· Submitted Ralph C. Wilson Foundation proposal, unfortunately we did not receive the award; our plan was to upgrade the Medicine Walk located at Ganöhsesge:kha He:nödeyë:stha. We remain determined to make these upgrades on our own in the coming year.

· Bi-annual payment to FKS for their merchandise sold at Nearly New; this payment averages $500 each time.

· Purchased school supplies, signage, and other supplies for Ganöhsesge:kha He:nödeyë:stha, $1,100

· We will contribute to the annual FKS budget for the 2020-2021 school year, amount is yet to be determined.

Every second and fourth Saturday of every month we sponsor a Corn Soup and Frybread sale at Nearly New. It has become very popular and makes for some fun and busy Saturdays at the store. For the record, you have to get there early, the demand is high and we usually sell out by 1 pm.

And, we are building up a small library of popular books about Indian Country. Some titles include To Become A Human Being, Basic Call to Consciousness, And Grandma Said, Thinking in Indian, and Kayanerenko:wa: The Great Law of Peace, and we are waiting on others to arrive. Please stop on by and check them out, great reads. Every home should have copies!

We do accept donations! It is best if donors bring their donation by on the days we are open: Friday from 12 to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 to 4 pm.

If you are looking for a good breakfast, head on down to Ganöhsesge:kha He:nödeyë:stha. Breakfast is served every Sunday from 8 am to 12 noon, good food for a good cause. To our public, “Come on down!” (My Bob Barker imitation!)

Here is a tidbit most of you are probably unaware of. Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h is part of the AmazonSmile network. This simply means Agwadeyësta Do:gë:h can receive a percentage of sales when buyers choose our organization from the AmazonSmile listing.

By the time you read this our website will be up and running. We will keep you tuned in.

Finally, a big shout out to the Seneca language community (Elders, teachers, and activists) who despite the pandemic and financial cutbacks have continued to create some amazing and innovative virtual language projects! I:s nä:h ă:hö’öh! They are to be applauded for their passion and love of the language. Please go to and take advantage of all the language resources and classes available.

There is so much more to share with all of you. Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h will continue with these updates, our progress and our challenges.

Finally, we are calling our community members to do your part in this pandemic battle, stay safe. Till the next time, nya:wëh.

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