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SNI Newsletter February 16 2021

Sgë:nö’ gagwehgoh! Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h would like to take a moment and share more ‘good news’ in regard to the Seneca language; that is the amount of Seneca language resources and materials that are currently available. Many of you may already be familiar with, we simply want to encourage others who might not be and the public at large to spend some time visiting the site. And more importantly, to use the materials available.

There are audios, several language materials ready to print, posters to use in your home, Memrise (if you haven’t checked this application out, please do so), YouTube language clips, class schedules, progressive audio lessons, language research, etc. There are literally ‘tons’ of helpful language instructional materials available!

Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h is only trying to share this information with others who may not know. If there is one thing that is certain, it is that we have to communicate information several times, over and over. We have to create a buzz.

People continue to ask, “Are there books and CDs available?” Of course there are! The production of these language materials has been going on for decades! The language departments and their talented staffs have been working diligently and it would be tragic to not use the materials they have produced. Just to clarify, there are several methodologies to learn language, but in this case we are specifically talking about diverse materials that are available to enhance your learning preference.

We also want to re-emphasize again that there are numerous audio resources available to you and your family. You can listen in and hear the language being spoken.

Our hopes are to simply increase the public’s awareness and hopefully get more people involved in the language effort. If it’s a few words and phrases, language proficiency, or fluency, it doesn’t matter, just give it a try. Let’s remain hopeful, positive, and do our collective best to encourage others to ‘get after it.’

Agwadeyësta’ Do:gë:h offers our thanks and appreciation to the Seneca Nation Language Department, the Immersion Program, the ‘language community and activists,’ individual families, and our precious Elder speakers for their love, dedication, and continuing commitment to the language.

Nya:wëh for your time and consideration.

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